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Christ Temple Apostolic Church
April 22, 1993, our founder and Pastor, Norman Allen II was ordained an Elder with the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic (PCAF). In September of 1993, God led Pastor Allen to establish a ministry in the city of Oak Park, Michigan.
With the approval of his Pastor, Bishop Nemiah Smith and the concurrence of their Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Alfred O. Singleton, Christ Temple Apostolic Church of Oak Park Michigan was established.
The first worship service was held on October 10, 1993 at the Oak Park Community Center. Bible Classes were held at the Allen home. For the next year worship services were held at elementary schools in the city of Oak Park.
One year later Christ Temple was blessed with a building on 13740 W. 8 Mile Road. Two years later the Lord blessed Christ Temple with yet a larger building to hold the growing congregation at 10830 W. 9 Mile Road, where we now hold services.
Bridge the Gap Ministries
Established April 11, 2002 by Pastor Norman Allen II, Bridge the Gap Ministries was incorporated in the State of Michigan. Our first service was held at Thompson Elementary School in Southfield Michigan. Later, services were held in Holly Michigan, Cleveland Ohio, Flint Michigan, and Macomb Township Michigan.
In August of 2022, God enlarged our borders and blessed us with a campus at our current location, 24800 Phlox Avenue, Eastpointe, Michigan.



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